6 Degrees Collective


6 Degrees Collective is a manufacturer, distributor and vendor of all-natural bath, home, pet and baby products, made with care in the USA.

We keep our products as close to nature as possible so that they exist harmoniously with our bodies and the planet. Nothing that we wouldn’t use on ourselves or our families goes into our products.

Nobody should have to compromise their or their family’s health because the cost for quality ingredients is too high. That’s why we’re one-hundred percent self-sustained, with everything from design, to manufacturing, to distribution done in-house by our own team. It’s a lot of work, but it means that we can charge our customers less for a better product.

Each of our brands has a unique way of coming about, from a 75-year-old retired school teacher who decided on a whim to become a beekeeper, to a young father of newborn twins who concocted his own diaper cream for their especially sensitive skin. We have an emotional connection to each of our brands because the reason they were created matters, and it’s important to us that our customers feel that too.

You may have heard the phrase six degrees of separation — the idea that all of us are just six connections or fewer away from each other. 6° Collective is an expression of this unifying notion. Despite seemingly enormous divides, we're all simply friends of friends, a few handshakes away. It's a celebration of commonalities, rather than differences. For our team, it's the treatment toward everyone we interact with too, be it our retail partners, ambassadors, or our community of customers.

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